Financial Summary

1. Revenue Structure

The JICPA's main sources of revenue comprise the following three categories.

In the year ended March 31, 2022 (fiscal 2022), the JICPA collected standard membership fees of ¥2,332 million, regional chapter fees of ¥1,435 million, and auditing membership fees of ¥3,193 million. The total of these fees, ¥6,961 million, represented more than 90% of the JICPA's ¥7,445 million in ordinary revenues for the year.

2. Financial Results for Fiscal 2022 and the JICPA's Financial Administration

In fiscal 2022, the JICPA recorded a positive net change, amounting to ¥680 million, on its statements of changes in net assets.*
Compared with fiscal 2021, ordinary revenues and ordinary expenses both increased. The increase in revenues reflected a rise in standard membership and chapter fees due to an increase in the number of members, as well as a rise in auditing membership fees reflecting increased compensation for statutory audits. The increase in ordinary expenses was attributable to costs necessary to complete numerous measures during the final year of the JICPA's current administration, despite cost reductions associated with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, such as the cancellation or postponement of events and restrictions on travel. In addition, to provide support for CPAs working in expanding and diversifying fields, the JICPA increased its administrative staff, promoted work reforms to improve productivity, and upgraded systems and facilities, resulting in an increase in costs.
In September 2020, recognizing the importance of securing the financial resources to continue to strengthen frameworks for supporting CPAs so that they can meet society's expectations and needs, the JICPA established a financial structure reform project team. In addition to financial transparency, appropriate budget control, and cost reductions, the project team studied such matters as securing financial resources to cover expenses related to the expansion of the scope of members' activities, as well as how to sustainably structure the JICPA's finances for post-pandemic institute operations. By identifying and discussing key points based on an analysis of the JICPA's finances, the project team recognized and studied a variety of issues facing the JICPA related to its finances and adapting to the new social environment. The results of these efforts were published in December 2021 as "Recommendations for Ensuring Sustainable Finances for the JICPA." We will continue to examine and discuss the JICPA's financial structure going forward.
* As of the publication of this report, the fiscal 2022 financial results are still under calculation and subject to change. The final results will be published on the webpage below (in Japanese).

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