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Jill Santos, a member of the IFAC PAO Development & Advisory Group, visited JICPA

June 01, 2023
(Ms. Santos, in the middle, and the attendees of the meeting)

On May 23rd, Ms. Jill Santos visited JICPA and had a meeting with Mr. Kohei Kan, a board member of IFAC, Mr. Ichiro Waki, a member of the IFAC Professional Accountants in Business (PAIB) Advisory Group and an executive board member of JICPA, Mr. Daijiro Furutani, an executive board member of JICPA, and Mr. Yoshinori Minemura, a member of GAA Sustainability Working Group from JICPA.

Ms. Santos has been an IFAC PAO Development & Advisory Group member since 2022. She is based in Manila and served as the National President of the Association of CPAs in Public Practice (ACPAPP) and the National Vice President for Public Practice of The Philippine Institute of Certified Accountants (PICPA) in 2022.

The attendees discussed recent topics such as initiatives for the attractiveness of the accounting profession for younger generations and capacity building for sustainability. Mr. Minemura, who specializes in sustainability disclosure, provided a brief presentation on JICPA's basic policy and action plan for sustainability capacity building, recently released in Japan. Ms. Santos also shared her experiences and efforts in the Philippines on sustainability capacity building. They recognized the importance of sharing knowledge and strengthening relations to enhance the ability of PAOs in these areas to tackle global challenges.

(Ms. Santos, in front of the headquarters building)
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