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Webinar "Update: State of Play - Reporting and Assurance of Sustainability Information" hosted by IFAC and the Jeju Group will take place on September 20, 2022.

August 31, 2022

Sustainability-related disclosure is finally taking its rightful place within the corporate reporting ecosystem, through global and jurisdiction-specific initiatives. In order to be trusted, sustainability disclosure must be subject to high-quality, independent, external assurance. This vision addresses the importance of global standards, regulation that supports decision-useful disclosure, and the value of an interconnected approach to sustainability and financial information reporting and assurance.

IFAC's State of Play is a comprehensive survey of the current landscape regarding sustainability disclosure and assurance. It covers the extent to which companies have obtained assurance, the standards of assurance they are using, and which companies are providing the assurance. The 2020 data and analysis serve as a benchmark for our previous reporting, and an update with 2021 data will be published later this year.

This event is catered for those in the Asia Pacific time zone. Expected participants will include the leadership and key representatives of Professional Accountancy Organizations (PAOs), members of PAOs and other relevant stakeholders.

The agenda for this event is provided below.

Event: Update: State of Play - Reporting and Assurance of Sustainability Information

Date: September 20, 2022 Asia Pacific

Time: 12:30 PM Seoul/Tokyo | 1:30PM Melbourne | 11:30AM Singapore (100 Minutes) | 11:30PM New York (Sept 19)

Registration Link: https://ifac-org.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_8SQgvp8eSoGan1l8cewGRw

テキスト 5min. テキストWelcome and Housekeeping テキストIFAC
テキスト5min. テキストIntroduction: Opening Remarks テキストDr. In-Ki Joo
Chair, Jeju Group
テキスト25min. テキストPresentation: State of Play Results and Publication テキストMr. David Madon,
Director, IFAC
テキスト15min. テキストPresentation: IAASB Update テキストIAASB Representative
テキスト45min. テキストOrganized Presentations: (Featured Presenters) Status of Sustainability Assurance テキストRepresentatives from:
テキスト5min. テキストClosing Remarks テキストJeju Group

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