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JICPA has published its "SDGs Declaration"

November 05, 2021

 Based on our understanding of the SDGs, which are being actively pursued domestically and globally, as well as of social issues facing Japan, we issued an interim report in June 2019 after considering how we should connect with society and what direction we should take in terms of tasks and actions for contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

 The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on people's lifestyles. It has threatened our safety and security, and our environment has changed dramatically. We have been working in line with the direction for action outlined in the interim report, but in light of such changes, it is necessary to overcome this crisis and build a brighter future. What is required in an uncertain era in which change occurs rapidly and unpredictably is trust. The new, COVID-safe lifestyles and the digitalized society can pull people apart. Nurturing the trust we have built and reconnecting with it will lead to a brighter future. The role of certified public accountants (CPAs), whose main task has been to ensure the reliability of information from an independent perspective, has become greater than ever before.

 Therefore, we have published our "SDGs Declaration". We have also divided the areas in which we believe CPAs can contribute to achieving the SDGs into three pillars: Economy, Society, and People and Environment.

≪SDGs Declaration≫
As a professional partner,
we will nurture trust, create a prosperous society, and build a brighter future.

      ≪Three pillars≫
  • Economy: We create a secure society supported by reliable and valuable information.
  • Society: We create a society that enables everyone to live a vibrant and prosperous life.
  • People and Environment: We never stop innovating ourselves to live up to expectations of society.

 Here is the summary of our SDGs Declaration.

Summary of
(July, 2021)

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