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Regarding the Nikkei article on 2nd and/or 3rd of April, 2020

April 03, 2020

There was an article in Nikkei titled "Japan to ease trigger on factory and store write-downs" on 2nd of April, 2020 and/or on 3rd of April, 2020. The news reported that Financial Service Agency (FSA) seeks flexibility on accounting during pandemic, and FSA will form a joint council as early as this Friday with the stakeholders※1 including JICPA to deal with relevant issues.

The news seems to be a guess / speculation article, is not based on information issued from JICPA.

JICPA published on its website (in Japanese) as follows;
Dear JICPA members and associate members that are involved with corporate financial reporting or statement audits,
Coolheaded approach is necessary in dealing with coronavirus pandemic situation. JICPA has been collaborating closely with relevant stakeholders, continuously considering adequate policy measures based on the current environmental changes due to coronavirus contagion, and will communicate information to JICPA members and associate members in a timely manner.
Best regards,

※1 Other stakeholders are Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Japanese Bankers Association and Japan Business Federation (Keidanren).

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